Rosamond Rose Properties

Long-term and short-term property rentals in London (UK), the British countryside, Europe and South Africa


Rosamond Rose Properties
22A Upper Addison Gardens, Holland Park, London W14 8AP, UK

Established in 1985, Rosamond Rose Properties is a specialist in short-term holiday and business lets in Central London, dealing with global companies as well as individual clients from around the world, who return to stay and enjoy the comfort of the selection of apartments and houses on offer. All properties do vary in size, decor and of location and these factors do determine the price. Our London flats and houses are within easy reach of local public transport: tubes; buses; main line stations; Eurostar and airports. All are conveniently situated for local shops, as well as West End Theatres, popular larger stores and historical places of interest. Some flats have Broadband Internet access. Please check which flats have this facility. Many flats are introducing this offering this for you.

Our driver can collect you from any London Airport or Main Line Station and take you to your chosen property along with your keys. He can also deliver you back to the Airport/Station.

We also offer a choice of English country properties plus locations in Europe and South Africa. Do contact me to discuss your requirements and hopefully I can make your stay a memorable one.


Rosamond Rose
Rosamond Rose Properties


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