Rosamond Rose Properties

Long-term and short-term property rentals in London (UK), the British countryside, Europe and South Africa


Rosamond Rose Properties
22A Upper Addison Gardens, Holland Park, London W14 8AP, UK

Bookings & Deposits
Minimum period 5 days or weekly rates (all properties differ). We can accommodate 3-days/weekend bookings however a higher daily rate will apply.

Last minute cancellations may incur the FULL RENT
for the whole period.

All keys to be picked up from and RETURNED to: Rosamond Rose Properties, 22A Upper Addison Gardens, London W14 8AP. Please let us know if you require two sets of keys. (arrangements may be made for our driver to do this on your behalf if you are taking advantage of our collection/return service).

Please look at the Kensington Olympia train line direct from Gatwick. This is a short walk or taxi ride to my address. Check times. Sundays one has to change at Clapham, otherwise straight through from Gatwick.

KEYS ARE A SECURITY RISK! Please keep them safe at all times. We reserve the right to make a charge for lost keys.

Properties & Prices
The properties contained within our lists are mainly in central London and the immediately surrounding area.

Prices reflect the accommodation offered, location and facilities provided within the property. All properties are individual in their character and we encourage potential visitors to discuss their requirements prior to booking.

Rental Period
Minimum rental period one week (seven days)
Daily rate will apply if we accept a five day rental.
Sometimes we can offer short periods on certain flats.

Properties offer the facilities listed below (unless otherwise stated):

The following are available on request:

Airport transfers
Our driver will collect you from Heathrow, Gatwick or Stanstead, take you directly to your accommodation with the keys, and take you back to the airport, returning the keys to our offices.

Costs range from:

Heathrow Airport to Central London: £65
Gatwick Airport to Central London: £100
Heathrow Airport to North or South London: £60
Stanstead Airport to Central London: £120
City Airport into London: £65
Heathrow to Docklands: £100
Return to Heathrow: £35

Please note: The above prices can fluctuate.

A tip to the driver is at your discretion. Waiting and parking fees are extra to the prices shown above.

Families and extra luggage costs extra.

"I had a very good run out to LHR with Malek and left the keys with him. He was very helpful, fetching and carrying and a good link in your team." Clare Russell, Christchurch, New Zealand.

I have known for years that everyone looks forward to seeing Malek at the Airport, and if you are a family or friend of his, he will be there with a larger car, but Malek has everything under control. He is indeed a great part of team. Million thanks. Rosamond do a collection service from all airports, and stop around the corner at the Kensington Hilton Hotel. You do have to book your seat on the bus.

There is a new National Express Airport Shuttle, which is almost door-to- door. Do try it:   

Heathrow Express trains to Heathrow airport run to/from Paddington:

Gatwick Express trains to/from Victoria:


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